Glass & Glass

Glass & Glass is a company established in the city of Altamira, Tamaulipas. Glass & Glass is dedicated to the production of glass containers. We have a wide array of type III quality products, designed to provide solutions to the perfume, and wine and liqueurs industry, also designed for household glassware. We have a broad portfolio of products and services that provide our customers a wide range of options according to their market needs and preferences. We offer our services in all the country, Latin America, and the United States, with offices in Mexico City, Altamira, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.

New Products


Glass & Glass contributes to environmental awareness, our company complies with many environmental regulations and social principles which enable harmonic production of products, in this way we support environmental conservation. Our products are 100% recyclable, we don’t contribute to the pollution in our planet.

We believe that a comprehensive approach is required in this regard. Therefore, at our facilities and offices we are focused on saving and managing energy and on improving the resource utilization to generate the lowest environmental impact.

Quality and innovation

We innovate by providing moldings design, manufacturing and decoration of glass containers to the clients through cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, we preserve our raw resources, such resources are top-quality materials as we do not use external cullet (glass recycling); in this way we guarantee glass containers with high gloss, transparency and impurity free.